GyroRotor is a Java program to compute aerodynamic characteristics (force and torque, flapping and torsional deflection coefficients) of a rotor in uniform translation and rotation.

The mathematical and technical documentation (in French) can be downloaded from the link on the right. Most equations have been integrated analytically with the Maple software (Maple is a powerful computer algebra system). Maple results are given at the end of the technical documentation (comments are in english). The maple file is available on request.

To use GyroRotor you have to download it to your computer, unzip the program folder and simply double-click on GyroRotor.jar icon. You must have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed on your computer to run the software. The JRE version must be greater than or equal to 7 (see here).

The distribution folder contains two files (KD1.rot and R22.rot) which compile data of the Kellet KD1 autogiro and Robinson R22 helicopter rotors.

The user manual of the GyroRotor program will provide you with description of input/output parameters of the software. Gyrotor rotor can be used either with metric or british unit system.

Gyrotor can be used in two different modes:

  • autogyro mode where the steady state autorotative rotor speed is computed ;
  • helicopter mode where speed is entered by the user.

Figure 1 and figure 2 shows a simulation example of the KD1 autogiro taking into account blade twist.

Figure 3 and figure 4 is an other example in case of the R22 helicopter flying at maximum power.

Figure 5 shows the aoa blade distribution over the rotor disk for the data of figure 3 and 4.