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Here are some pictures of my Dominator gyroplane designed by Ernie Boyette from Rotor Flight Dynamics Company. Their official web site is here :

  • Photo 1 : before the first flight at "Bois de la Pierre" gyrocopter club in Toulouse. The gyro had Dragon-wing rotor blades ;
  • Photo 2 : with Averso rotor blades which proved to be smoother than Dragon-wing blades ;
  • Photo 3 : at the famous "Bois de la Pierre" Gyrocopter European meeting ;
  • Photo 4, 5 et 6 : on the ground and in flight over the countryside of Toulouse town.

Below is a video demonstration of amazing flying capability of gyrocopter to some of my friends (simultaneous parallel take off with Xavier Averso from Averso aviation).

Mon Dominator par Autogire31