GyroKit is the flight dynamic library written in Java which supports all software of this site. This library contains three packages : the source package, the test package and the application package.

The source package has two directories :

  • The "main" directory which contains the flight dynamic basic components as well as methods to handle them ;
  • The "gui" directory which contains Graphical User Interfaces of most classes of the main directory written in Swing. Swing is the Java GUI widget toolkit.

The test package contains tests classes to validate algorithms.

The application package gives examples of how to use components of the GyroKit library.

The GyroKit library relies on the following external libraries :

  • The commons-math3 library (3-2 release) that is a library of self-contained mathematics and statistics components (link) ;
  • The Miglayout (4.0 release) that is a Layout Manager for Swing (link) ;
  • The JFreeChart library (1.0.19 release) that is a library for plotting data (link).

The GyroKit library (V0.801) can be downloaded here : GyroKitProject

To use the GyroKit library you must install a JDK (Java Development Kit, at least release 7) and download an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Eclipse or Netbeans.